On Remembering 


I remember spring days and people long gone
from this world - of loves and sweet memories,
of feathers and soft music
I've picked up along the roadways of life. 

Of four oceans and thousands of sunrises,
of sunsets with every color in the rainbow.
Of children and sandboxes, and of superman
and all those special comic book heroes
I used to dream of as a child. 

I've worn countless shoes along my walk
in this life and felt the protection
that they have given to my feet.
I have slept in the mountains next to
bubbling streams of water,
which reflected the moon and stars. 

I've heard a bear and a mountain lion talk
to the night and felt many winds,
both warm and cold in my life. 

Flowers are most pleasing to the smell to me,
and cats are most fun when
they have touched my heart. 

I see most of all on remembering
all these events;
smiles of people I've known
and the kindness
both shown and experienced. 

On remembering all these events in this life,
I love that music that resounds
in my heart and mind.
I still hear my child's music,
it comes from the stars. 

Jeff Peters. 1979 







All images and text copyrighted.  All rights reserved.    Copyright 2002 Jeff Peters.